The South African online gamblers have for years been isolated from the positive player experience that a legitimate online casinos can offer them. Due to legal bungles and bureaucratic balls ups, there has been no clarity on a way forward for online casinos. Recent changes have seen sport-betting sites starting to operate. But big changes are coming which bodes well for the online blackjack player. For a listing and more information on the new casinos coming to the South African market, their games, bonuses and operations, click here { }

What is the history of Blackjack?

The exact history of blackjack is unclear and there is no consensus on where or how the game originated. The history of blackjack has eluded researchers for a long time. It was more a case of the game evolving over the centuries to what it is today. One likely theory is that the game evolved from a French game called 'Vingt-et-un', which loosely translated means 21, which was popular in France in the beginning of the 18th century. The game made it into the USA in the early 1800s.

The name of 'blackjack' was seemingly introduced when establishments started offering bonuses if the gambler's hand contained the ace of spades and a jack of either spades or clubs - a.k.a. a black jack. Even when the bonus was eventually withdrawn, the name seems to stick. Today the game can be enjoyed at online casinos in any format including European Blackjack and American Blackjack. Online casinos have also started offering blackjack to be played in a Live Dealer setting where the sights and sounds of a real casino is mimicked.

What are the different types of blackjack?

Although there are different types of blackjack, the basic rules and gameplay remain the same with minor variations in the payouts and gaming options. Classic blackjack is the most popular variant and is played with 1 - 8 decks. Player and dealer each receive 2 cards but one of the dealer's cards remain face down (the hole card). Players need to beat the dealer's hand without exceeding 21. Progressive blackjack is basically the same game but wagers contribute to a central pot that offers huge jackpot payouts.

  • Classic / Traditional blackjack
  • Progressive blackjack
  • European blackjack
  • Spanish 21

European blackjack differs slightly from traditional blackjack in that the dealer's second card is only dealt after the player has made a decision on his game play options. These options are to 'hit' or to 'stand'. The variant of Spanish 21 is played with 6 or 8 decks with the 10s removed. This increases the house edge. The dealers can peek at the hole card. Options like 'insurance' and 'late surrender' are allowed. Players can also surrender after a 'double down'.


Where can I legally play play blackjack in ZA?

With the South African online casino market opening up, the blackjack player can look forward to many new versions of the game. The new legal casinos will offer all variants mentioned above but also offer they player a chance to try them out for free before a financial commitment is expected. Players can arm themselves with basic blackjack strategy and also use blackjack odds charts in conjunction. The more informed a player is before playing for real money, the better his player experience will be with the new legal casinos.